Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hollywood Celebrities and Hair Extensions

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Yes! Hair extensions are how celebrities change their hairstyles from pixie short one day, to well below shoulder length the next and get that good looking head of hair. Every female celebrity wants long, thick, flowing hair because it's appealing to most of the population, and fame creates a reality in which looking really, really, really good all of the time is a must. That's one of the reasons celebrities spend so much money on hair extensions.

The highest quality kind of hair extensions are 100% Remy & Virgin Human Hair Extensions. Don't settle for just "100% Human Hair." Get the good stuff - 100% Remy or 100% Virgin Hair. REMY HAIR is hair that is collected from a single donor. When the hair is collected, its cuticles are kept running in the same direction, which keeps the hair from tangling. It is gently processed for color, waves and curls.
Remy Hair appears healthier and shinier than regular human hair.VIRGIN HAIR Virgin Hair has never been chemically processed in any way (permed, dyed or bleached).  It comes from a single donor with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction, which keeps the hair from matting.
The obtainment of virgin hair is more time consuming and meticulous, which adds to its premium value.

The bad news is that high quality hair isn't cheap, but the good news is that it doesn't have to cost as much as most celebrities are willing to pay for it. There are many stores that offer top quality hair extensions at very affordable prices.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

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